JNRL 102 – Emotional History


Most people dream about being a sports star and running onto a field full of packed fans. However that dream is a reality for 19 years old Stuart Mason who plays NRL for St. George Dragons in the under 20’s Toyota Cup side. He made his debut this year and it provided him with a very special moment to remember.

IN: “So I was originally…”

OUT: “…Pretty special feeling”

DUR: 1.59

For the purpose of this task I decided to interview one of my closest friends about his journey to becoming a semi-professional footballer. I have known him for a long time and he is good talent due to his experience with interviews. He is currently playing high level rugby league and I have observed the surprise and happiness it has brought to him. The aim of this assignment was to highlight his achievements especially noting the first time he ran onto the field and scored his first try.

Editing for the piece was relatively straight forward despite my serious lack of editing skills and no prior experience with using the Hindenburg software. A few pauses were added to absorb additional layers of meaning as well as ambient sounds recorded both live at his game and recording taken from his matches online (McHugh 2016). The use of music was also added into the piece to smooth about the transitions of audio.

“When Ira Glass lays down the two most important parts of any story, one is what he calls the ‘moment of reflection’, your story’s ‘why’. It’s the reason why anyone should be following the story at all” (Demers 2016). This quote from Ira Glass cited in Demers (2016) formed the critical question I asked myself whilst recording and editing this piece which was ‘how can I convey his emotions to the viewer and why should they care about his story’? Emotions in the piece were exaggerated by pauses this makes the story more relatable to anyone who has or had dreams of becoming a famous sports star.

Upon reflection of the interview, the process of recording was smooth. The interview was conducted in a quiet room with limited external noise or echo. I did not have to intervene or keep asking questions I was able to let him tell his story raw with limited vocal ques. I was then tasked with recording ambient sounds. I attended numerous football games where he was playing to try and capture the sounds of the game so listeners could become immersed and feel as though they were in the moment. Whistles, cheers and tackles made up the bulk of the recording. After attending games I also went to the local park to record sounds of football practise. It was here I was able to source the coach’s voice which plays an important part in building up the story. Finally I was able to source footage of my friend playing on television. With this broadcast I was able to record a commentator saying his name during a game. With all the sounds gathered they were then woven into the work to break up the audio and add context to the interview. Originally I did not have any music in the clip however because music plays a vital role to either set mood, add pace, underline a statement, change narrative direction or allow material to breathe (McHugh 2016). I therefore sourced music from freemusic.org which I was able to fade in and out of the audio.

Link to music: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Animals__Men/Where_Are_All_Your_Friends/Shellshock_2003_Featuring_Phil_Cass

Reference List

Demers J. 2016, “4 lessons from Ira Glass in telling stories the way they’re meant to be told”, Story and Heart, accessed 25th August 2016, <http://blog.storyandheart.com/blog/2014/2/2/4-lessons-from-ira-glass-in-telling-stories-the-way-theyre-meant-to-be-told#.V8QLDE196Ul>

McHugh S. 2016, ‘Lecture Week 5 Music and Mixing Stories’, powerpoint slides, JNRL102, University of Wollongong, viewed on 24th August 2016.

McHugh S. 2016 ‘Lecture Week 2 The Power of Sound’, powerpoint slides, JNRL102, University of Wollongong, viewed on 24th August 2016.


Time In – Out Rating
0.4-0.17 So I was originally….yeah so started playing at 11. ***
0.21-0.31 Junior rugby league club…until Under 16s there **
0.38-1.03 Well…… got an offer from St.george it all sort of went from there **
1.10-1.39 Oh the first time….same as everyone you have watched growing up ***
1.45-2.04 Yeah for sure …. Yeah it was intense **
2.10-2.32 Oh my try on the weekend… it was a little bit unexpected … pretty special feeling… playing in front of my dad ….. **
2.39-2.52 Second to none ….. im loving every moment ***
3.00-3.11 Well it just…….nah not bad * Too much laughing
3.20-4.00 I just think….. It wasn’t too bad…. Training was tough after that.. **
4.10-4.40 He’s alright….My dad watched that game too which was nice.. **

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