Dark Hacktivism and LulzSec

Continuing on with my previous blog posts about the topic of Hacktivism, in 2011 a dark hacktivist group calling themselves ‘LulzSec’ were formed from private online chat rooms and from the Anonymous forum. The name LulzSec was derived from ‘lulz’ meaning laughs and ‘sec’ meaning security this essentially meant that LulzSec would hack into secure companies, expose their security flaws and share their data. Throughout their short time LulzSec managed to hack major companies including Fox.com, Nintendo, PBS, Sony PlayStation Network and Bethesda Studios. LulzSec was eventually arrested after front runner ‘Sabu’ acted as an informant for the FBI.

However despite their hacking LulzSec are considered very small sale hackers when compared with hackers such as Michael Calce, Edward SnowdenJonathan James and Kevin Mitnick, LulzSec’s action were relatively harmless and didn’t result in government secrets being leaked or mass credit cards being stolen.

Take a look at this Prezi which delves further into Calce, Snowden, James and Mitnick and their hacking exploits


NB: If you are worried about being attacked online give this article by Jeff Goldman a read.


Reference List:

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3 thoughts on “Dark Hacktivism and LulzSec

  1. Since they had no social or political motivation to do their hacks, I wouldn’t really call them hacktivists, or executing hacktivism.

    Your post was a good summary of the reading, however since it was a provided reading for the topic, I had basically already read everything you wrote. My suggestion is to look into further readings and maybe give other examples of the dark side to hacking. This article is a good start: http://www.wired.com/2009/12/ye_cybercrimes/

  2. Your post is very succinct and very easy to read. I really like how you added extra reading material at the end of your post. It definitely made it easier and gave me more of a reason to go and look into this subject and learn more information about said subject.

  3. You have added examples that I had no idea about and it made your blog interesting to read
    I liked how you have added extra sources and reading material for someone to delve further into this topic
    I would of liked to hear more of your views and thoughts on this topic but over all great blog

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