Hacktivism and Anonymous

This week follows on from my previous post about Clicktivism, Slacktivism and Activism. Whilst online activism is still a highly debate topic as to whether or not it promotes chance the stigma around it is largely positive. This week I will be looking at the more negatively portrayed Hacktivism.

According to Techopedia (2015) “Hacktivism is the act of hacking a website or computer network in an effort to convey a social or political message”. This act is closely likened to a hacker who intends to steal private information or cause harm however it is on a much larger scale and aims to disruptive activities or highlight political or social causes (Techopedia 2015).

For the purpose of this blog I will be focusing on the largest and most well-known Hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’.  Anonymous are a loosely organised group of young computer experts once focused just on Internet freedom, but have since turned to more menacing attacks, including not only paralysing websites but breaking in to steal data (Bryan-Low 2011). They have divided their efforts into numerous campaigns including; ISIS, the Klu Klux Klan, Sarah Palin and even the United State Government (Occupy Wall Street).

For further information on Anonymous refer to this Prezi:


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