Rules and Regulations – Facebook, YouTube and Screen time

With the advancement of technology and the dominance of social media and screen time there are more and more rules and regulations being placed on audiences. These rules are placed by different authority figures whether it be large scale companies such as Facebook or YouTube or a parent or guardian limiting screen time.

When I was still in school and living at home my media consumption was monitored by my parents. They enforced the rules which included;

  • No television before school
  • No television before homework
  • No video games Mon-Thursday during the school week
  • 2 hours max on video games before we had to go outside and do some exercise (not that we didn’t exercise enough)

At the time this monitoring was seen by my brother and I as stupid however upon doing some research I learned that my parents were not alone in monitoring screen time. Common Sense Media is a website that has numerous forums which talk about kids and how much screen time they should engage in.

However as I got older the rules slid away slowly and when I moved out of home I no longer had any restrictions on my screen time. I now spend the majority of my day looking at a screen whether it be my iPhone or Laptop. I am now a massive YouTube watcher and again restrictions have been placed upon me. YouTube has an age restriction screen which is displayed on videos which contain sexual references, violence or inappropriate language.

youtube age restriciton

(YouTube content warning. Source:

I have also been uploading some videos to YouTube for another subject at university and have become aware of YouTube copyright process. YouTube will delete your video if you use music which is copyrighted to other artists therefore you must comply with them or risk your YouTube account becoming disabled.

Along with YouTube, Facebook also regularly removes posts from people pages and profiles if they deem it inappropriate. Facebook users that upload posts, photos or videos that offend videos can often be greeted with this image.



SO! Are all these rules and regulations necessary in society? Should media especially social media which rely on their users for content be regulated so thoroughly?

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