To movie or not to movie?

This week for BCM240 we were given a task which was to plan and undertake a movie visit and document what we saw using Torsten Hagerstrand’s three constraints; capability, coupling and authority.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen as I couldn’t make it to the movies.

My main constraint was that I don’t have a car and was not willing to catch public transport. However here is a list of other excuses:

  1. I have a test on Wednesday which I haven’t started studying for
  2. I had to work all day Sunday
  3. I had to write this blog
  4. I have a Digital Media project which I need to work on
  5. I didn’t want to go by myself
  6. I didn’t want to spend $30 for Popcorn (that’s kind of a lie I love popcorn)
  7. If I spent $30 for Popcorn my mouth would be all salty therefore I would need a drink
  8. Drink = $$$$
  9. Drink also = numerous trips to the bathroom
  10. Numerous trips to the bathroom = missing the movie
  11. I could not be bother to leave my room
  12. I could just it and watch it for free in my room

John Corbett defines the three categories of limitations. Capability refers to “the limitations on human movement due to physical or biological factors”. Coupling is “the need to be in one particular place for a given length of time, often in interaction with other people. Lastly authority is “an area (or “domain”) that is controlled by certain people or institutions that set limits on its access to particular individuals or groups.” (Corbett, 2011, pg. 1).

Upon analysing these terms it is clear that I was physically capable to take a trip to the movies. I have enough money to catch the bus there and purchase a ticket however my busy schedule and lack of effort ultimately impacted my decision to not go. In regards to coupling is it socially frowned upon to talk during a movie however it is also classified as being ‘weird’ to attend a movie by yourself. Go figure? Lastly authority plays a part in attending a movie. If I bought a ticket I would have the right to attend a movie however if I skipped my shift at work on Sunday to go watch a movie that might land me in hot water from my bosses too.

Despite myself not attending a movie today when looking at the statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) more than 12 million people went to the movies during the years 2013 and 2014. Much to my surprise the information shows that ‘the cinema remains Australians favourite cultural venue, with 66 per cent of people aged 15 years and over reporting at least one visit during 2013-14’.

The underlying question is what is the future for cinema? I believe with the dominance of Netflix and other streaming sites online cinema will surely have to suffer. The pure convenience of being able to watch a movie from home for a small fee or even for free is just too good to pass up. I know personally online sites have deterred me from going to the movies.

Reference List:

ABS, 2015, Australians love going to the cinema, Australian Bureau of Statistics, accessed 30th August 2015,

Corbett, J 2011, Torsten Hägerstrand: Time Geography, Centre for Spatially Integrated Social Science, accessed 30th August 2015,


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