Liquid Labour and Hierarchical vs Decentralised Networks

In this post I finally ventured into Sound Cloud and recorded myself discussing Ted’s latest lecture which discusses Liquid labour and the notions of the hierarchical and decentralised networks.

Liquid labour revolves around the nature and flow of informational which directly effects the way of work. This can be a serious concern for workers with their work life impacting on their leisure time.

Moving forward from this I talk about the new form of information flows and briefly give an overview of the difference between the hierarchical (vertical) and decentralised (flat) networks whist also discussing the shift towards decentralised and distributed networks as they are quicker and more efficient.

At the end of my discussion I leave the listeners with a question we discussed in our tutorial which is ‘If university (hierarchical) was based on a decentralised network how would it work?’

Thanks for listening here is the link!

P.S. This is my first recording and I apologise for the outrageous amount of times I say ‘um’ and also for getting the word Hierarchical wrong every time!

Reference List:

Bradwell P & Reeves,R 2008, ‘Economies’, in Network citizens power and responsibility at Work, Demos, London, pp 25-31

Deuze, M 2006, Liquid Life, Convergence Culture, and Media Work, Indiana University accessed 21th August 2015,

Gregg, M , n.d, Function creep: Communication Technologies and Anticipatory Labour in theInformation Workplace, accessed 21thAugust 2015,


2 thoughts on “Liquid Labour and Hierarchical vs Decentralised Networks

  1. Really interesting redo on the idea of Liquid Labour, a succinct summary of the lecture! Cuts out some finer details, but very convenient for covering the basics and jogging the memory. Maybe 2 podcasts with one being longer and going into more detail, and then this quick summary one!

  2. Great work integrating the themes from week 3 and 4 into this weeks blog post.

    Trying to decentralise University seems like a difficult idea to grasp. Many of the current functions of a University require hierarchical administration. Perhaps a site like Reddit could revolutionise University learning. Students at the University could find and share resources from around the web and other students could vote on whether or not they are valid within the specific subject. A University is a very complicated place but I believe that peer-to-peer learning and research on a platform like Reddit would be a productive way to learn.

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