Cyberspace explained

This week’s lecture focused around the notion of a network society and raised issues around the anonymity of the internet, cyber utopianism and the concept of cyber punk. After gaining a brief definition of cyber space which resulted around cyber space being a term that describes a non physical space that is created by a computer system I generated this meme which hopefully encompasses the vastness of cyberspace.

Upon creating this meme I uploaded it online via imgur therefore everyone will now my connectivity to cyberspace. Thanks imgur

look at me.. youre in cyberspace

Reference List:

Barlow, J.P, 1996, A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, accessed 11th August 2015, <>


2 thoughts on “Cyberspace explained

  1. I love your meme, so hilarious. Not going to lie, I read it in his voice! Another example of how powerful communicating over memes actually is, in showing a deeper and hidden meaning in only an image and a few words. Your post was a good overview on looking at the Internet as a network society as well as covering the issues such as whether or not anonymity can exist, the notion of cyber utopianism and what is cyber punk. My only criticism would be to utilise a few more resources and to go further in depth in analysing what each of these terms mean as a definition and how they exist in today’s society.

  2. Nice meme. But consider this, are you really present in cyberspace if you don’t log in to imgur to create the meme? Sure it’s publically listed, and yes it’s a form of content creation, but are you linked to it in any way other than using it in this post? Just something to think about.

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