The Telegram – A global nervous system

This week’s lectures were focused around communicating using electricity and the invention of the telegraph. In 1838 Samuel Morse developed the telegraph which was based around a dot and dash system. It was superior to the original telegraph created in 1837. This development led the way for newer technology to be invested which made communicating easier, instant and global. The telegram could arguably be one of the reasons that the internet was created today. In 1895 the radio telegraph was created which enabled a cheaper alternative to the dot dash telegraph. This then allowed broadcasting to increase via telegraph offices.

The invention of the telegraph closed the boundary and restrictions of communication at the time which in turn brought citizens around the world closer via its instantaneous nature. A simple network consisting of wires and cables allowed people to receive and send messages. Today the internet acts as the telegram would have back in 1837. Its simple network allows people to access different channels where they can communicate instantly with someone else that is online. The internet is the current network that is favoured by people around the world however in the next few years all this might change.

Reference List:

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2 thoughts on “The Telegram – A global nervous system

  1. I don’t mean to be too harsh at all, just want to give critique to improve how you present yourself in this subject and on a blog. I feel like you’ve very eloquently regurgitated the lecture and readings. Eloquent, but ultimately irrelevant in my opinion.

    I think you should further try to embrace the blogging platform; find a voice, form an opinion, and get it out there. We can all go read what those people have said, tell us what YOU think about the global nervous system!

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