My Media Space!

My standard morning ritual reflects perfectly my media space and connection to social media.

– Wake up via my Iphone’s alarm (which never leaves my side)

– Check my text messages

– Check Facebook

– Check Instagram

– Check Snapchat

– Check Emails

Whilst running through this routine I’m not necessarily looking for anything in particular. There is no research involved or clear purpose, most of the time I am still half asleep or not fully paying attention to the latest snap story or trending Facebook video that my friends have tagged me in. However this media space is where I am most comfortable due to its readily available access from my smart phone. I don’t need to ring my friends at 8am in the morning to know how their Uni night was because I have seen their 200 second long snapchat stories of them smuggling goon into The Grand Hotel, getting kicked out, ordering $40 worth of McDonald’s and stealing a traffic cone on the way home.

blog photo 2

(The Grand Hotel before the snap stories begin…)

traffic cone on head

(What generally appears on snapchat stories)

Despite checking all my social media in the morning during the day I will run through this routine at least 5 times before dinner and I’m not alone in doing this. All you have to do is sit at the back of a two hour lecture and you will see students scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram. The majority of the time they have seen all the posts already but the feeling of not being connected forces them to stay online. Whilst writing this blog I was even checking all my social media (definitely not procrastinating) which is why I’m looking forward to the rest of BCM240 because it allows me to check all my social media and cover it up as ‘learning my media space’.


2 thoughts on “My Media Space!

  1. With the addition of a cat demanding to be fed, I think we have the exact same morning routine checking everything on my phone that sleeps beside me every night.
    I’m not a big fan of snapchat though. I think it’s part of our fleeting attention spans (think 6 second vines). It’s pretty strange to me that people send their daily highlights or drunken low lights to a bunch of people because they know it will expire after 10 seconds. I do however quite like laughing at my friends silly snaps.

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