Body Image Survey

This blog contains a survey which I conducted with a student at University of Wollongong. It relates to Body imagine in the media and what effects it has on different people.

Q: Are you male or Female?

A: Female

Q: What is your age?

A: 18-14

Q: How often do you actively (pursue) or engage with digital, print or social media?

A: Everyday

Q: How do you believe the media portrays an ideal male body?

A: The specific media platforms that I engage with (Facebook and Instagram) portray the ideal male body as very athletic without any imperfection and muscly. E.G. Celebrities or professional athletes.

Q: How do you believe the media portrays an ideal female body?

A: Relating again to Facebook and Instagram popular celebrity workout trainers like Kayla Itsines who are super fit, skinny and very attractive is definitely the desired body and the ‘norm’.

Q: Where do you see these ‘ideal’ male and female bodies that appear in the media?

A: Mostly advertisements.

Q: What is the one thing you wish to change about your body?

A: I wish I could have slightly skinnier legs.

Q: Do you believe you compare yourself to the female or male body images presented to you in the media? And why?

A: Yes of course. There is always a desire to be part of the social norm which is presented by the media so the easiest way to “fit in” is to look like a successful media presence.

Q: Who do you believe influences your perception of the ideal body type the most?

A: Most defiantly celebrities

Q: Which of these images do you prefer?

female body image

A: The girl on the right, she looks more like a model.

Q: Which of these images do you prefer?

male body image 1

male body image 2

A: The first image is more attractive. The second image the guy is too big.

Q: Which of these ads makes you more inclined to purchase the product?

ad 1

ad 2

A: The second image. The girl is more appealing and has a seductive look about her.

The majority of the data collected from this interview is personal opinion from a UOW student and it is qualitative research. Looking back on the questions a few of them received one word answers which could have been changed to allow more in depth conversation. If I were to continue the study more research would go into why females and males respond to certain types of advertising and what is the ‘ideal’ male and female body image and why?


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