Why does it matter who controls the media?

After logging out of Hotmail, a well known widely used internet mailing system the page is then automatically reverted to NineMSN news.

NineMSN was established in 1997 by Nine entertainment company and Microsoft. Just last year Nine entertainment company bought out Microsoft’s 50% share of the company and therefore owned the entire company. Nine entertainment company is owned by James Packer, the son of Kerry Packer a media mogul. He’s a billionaire business man who owns Crown casino’s in Australia and Asia. Packer’s ownership of the media is vital in his business career. He can place a spin on articles which suits the way his business grows and the public opinion of himself. “James Packer, has recently joined the Liberal Party to support his friend, businessman Malcolm Turnbull, in his bid to win preselection for a federal seat” Andrew West from the Sydney Morning Herald reported in 2003.

Political bias is present in every media source. A specific example of Packer’s Liberal influence is represented in these three NineMSN articles which highlight the need for Kevin Rudd to retire from politics.

Get out of Parliment

Rudd needs to go

Rudd needs to go

These three newspaper articles were taken from NineMSN during the months of September and October 2013. A clear bias is present in all three. The headings of these articles are primarily important. After signing out of Hotmail, the audience is diverted to NineMSN. A viewer may only read the title before closing the browser but that time in between is crucial; “Rudd needs to go: Nicole Roxon” “Rudd needs to go: O’Conner” and “Get out of parliament, Newman tells Rudd”, as it places a clear message inside the viewers head. These short but very conclusive headings highly impact the viewer and their political thought.

The control of this media allows Packer to place a negative connotation upon the Labor party and subconsciously highlight the importance of voting for the Liberal party to his audience.


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