Torrenting – Terrible or Terrific?

The Pirate Bay, Kick Ass Torrents, Torrentz, Extratorrent, Yify-torrents, EZTV, 1337X,, Bitsnoop, RARGB. These were the top 10 torrenting sites at the start of 2014. (

When I think of torrenting I always remember when I was a kid and hired a movie from blockbuster, there was a 49 second advertisement called ‘Piracy it’s a crime’. A series of messages flashed across your television screen; you wouldn’t steal a car, you wouldn’t steal a handbag, you wouldn’t steal a television, you wouldn’t steal a movie, downloading pirated films is stealing, stealing is against the law, and piracy its a crime. ( The ad campaign was launched in 2005 on the back of the shut down of three major torrenting sites; TorrentFreak, elitetorrents, and BTefnet. The ad campaign was etched into the start of every new DVD and users were unable to skip it. The ad ultimately was a failure as more torrent sites emerged in the next nine years and torrenting increased globally. (

Torrenting is the act of downloading or sharing access to information such as movies, music, computer games, documents or eBooks. It enables users to download new release movies before they have hit the cinema, music before they are released onto the charts, or television shows immediately after they are aired. Users from around the globe have free access to any media file that is shared on these sites.

Torrenting is essentially stealing material. So why do so many people engage in this illegal practice? The answer is because its so easy. You wouldn’t walk into a store and steal a DVD because the risk of getting caught is too high. There are security cameras, guards, and shop attendants. Where as online all you are required to do is click on a link and a file can be downloaded in less than an hour, which is to a certain degree harder to trace.

Therefore, due to the ever changing nature of the internet, torrenting will always actively redistribute material around the world to users willing to take the risk.

Torrenting (


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